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Raw Coffee Beans (unroasted)
Lindsey Coffee Company carries a diverse selection of Specialty Grade Raw Coffee Beans (green, unroasted coffee beans) from around the globe.. All coffees are 100% arabica beans available in small quantities, perfect for the Home Roaster!
Coffee on the vine
South American Coffees
Brazil essentially dominates the continent in terms of its size and overall production, where as Colombia dominates from a cupping standpoint.
  Brazil Cerrado
  Colombia Excelso Santander RFA
  Colombia Supremo
  Colombia SWP Decaf RFA
Coffee Harvesting
Coffes from Africa
The specialty arabica coffees of Africa are considered to be some of the world's finest. The high elevations and soil conditions are optimal for coffee production.
  Ethiopia Harrar
  Ethiopia Sidamo
Drying Coffee Beans
Central American Coffees
Central America, in general, produces a very nice consistent washed Arabica coffee.  There are distinct differences from country to country as you move south from Mexico to Panama.  There are also very defined and unique micro-climates in each country that produces distinctly different coffees and profiles.
  Costa Rica Tarrazu
  El Salvador Casa Blanca Estate
  Guatemala Antigua Melena Estate
  Panama Boquete
Sorting Coffee Beans
Indonesian Coffees

Indonesian Coffees vary greatly in cup depending upon the particular island and on whether or not they are wet or dry processing the beans.

  Bali Blue Batur
  Java Estate Indigo

Free Shipping on $70 or more

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